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 Local Search Engine Marketing—Watch The Video*******

 Local search marketing is focusing on a specific geographical area that you can service with your business. It means when I need a pediatrician, accountant, lawn guy or a pool repair person and I do a search, your company is one of the companies I see first.

 Your company shows up in directories, organic searches, mobile searches and maybe even paid searches. Ideally, you dominate your local market.

It’s not that hard to do. But it does require a concerted effort to manage the different marketing channels. The dividends pay you every month, year after year.

Even when your competitors are already taking advantage of local search, there is still room for smart new businesses to steal traffic. We do the research for you and help you with the process.

If you have a local business and you don’t have a local marketing strategy, you’re struggling much too hard to grow your business.

Dominate your local industry, profession or service and watch your business explode! We’ll help you…

  • Improve your local Google placement descriptions and tags
  • Create Videos for your local business
  • Pick specific geographical areas for your ads to show up
  • Pick keywords that will help you get first page rankings
  • Put together a PPC campaign while we work on your SEO campaign
  • Optimize your website for the search engines

So, what does all of this work do for you? If you’re selling wood tables, when a searcher types in “wood tables in Dallas” ideally you should show up twice in the organic search and once in the paid search– all at the top of the page.

It’s like having three hotels on a monopoly board, when everybody else has houses.

You’re dominating the premium ad space when this happens and it’s being reflected in your daily visits, calls and sales. It becomes a slice of heaven, here on earth.

Let us help you get found by the people who need your product or service.

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