PPC or Pay-Per-Click Advertising

Generating sales and getting leads quickly is a vital part of any PPC strategy. Why? Because you have bills to pay today and it takes time to see the results of your SEO efforts.

MarketingGeiger offers a variety of PPC programs to help you get leads and generate immediate traffic while your SEO strategy is working to get legs.

With PPC you can get in front of customers that need your product or service now. What are business owners using PPC for today?

  • Immediate response advertising to make sales
  • Lead generation for promotional products and list building
  • Survey response and gathering
  • Market research in niche markets
  • Building Brand recognition
  • Marketing their product or services on mobile platforms (the fastest growing platform)
  • Promoting White papers, books, seminars, webinars etc…
  • Geographic targeting of customers in local markets
  • Fast start business building

These are just a few of the most popular ways to use PPC. PPC levels the playing field for small business owners to compete with more established better funded businesses. We call it the “Democratization of Marketing”.

Everyone can participate in the game.

With a small PPC budget you can stand on the same stage with the biggest competitor in your market. And with our help, you can steal market share and make a profit. Let us show you how you can begin to get PPC results starting this week.

Here’s a caveat. If we look at your site, your landing page, or your blog and it’s really crappy, outdated, poorly optimized or just plain dysfunctional; we’re going to recommend some changes; we’re not going to waste your money sending visitors to a website that’s not ready to convert them into sales.

If you’re serious about making sales, getting leads or driving traffic to your website, then you will certainly want to make it easy for visitors to do business with you.

Here’s what we can do to get you started!

Small Business-Quick Start Program with sales less than 1mil

  • Run a test- Four Week (minimum) advertising campaign

(16 wk recommended)

  • We Build your ads
  • We Research your market
  • We Find high commercial value keywords for your campaign
  • We manage your PPC campaign

Additional Services:

  • We can Optimize your site and or build a landing page for you to capture leads and make sales.
  • We can create a sales funnel for email marketing to your prospects andCustomers
  • We can set-up a payment system if you need one
  • We do a Website analysis for your site
  • We do a Competitor analysis

 Establish Business-w/ Website and Sales greater than 2mil

 Website analysis

  •   Correct link errors
  •  Speed up load time
  •  Analyze on site SEO
  •   Feedback on copy and content
  •  Check for best practices for visitor conversions and usage

Competitor analysis

  • Analyze SEO strategy
  • Analyze Paid Advertising strategy
  • Analyze opportunities in the market

Create Multi-tiered Sales Funnel for emails and products

  • Segment customers by interest in sales funnel
  • Segment customers by products in sales funnel
  • Look for breakdowns in existing sales funnel

Create copy that exploits your “unique selling proposition”

Create copy content to use in Online and Offline Campaign

Targeted Marketing Strategy to:

  • Relevant Associations
  • Professional organization
  • Trade Magazines
  • Trade Shows
  • Targeted mailing list
  • Direct response mailings to influencers
  • Topic specific Webinars, Teleseminars, etc…
  • Create Reports, White Papers and Article series
  • Branding Strategy Tied to Marketing campaigns


We make it difficult to lose when we combine your PPC campaign with your SEO campaign. Add to that sizzling hot ad copy for offline marketing and watch your sales blow your socks off.

Get your FREE website analysis and send in your questions. We love questions.