Web Design, Landing Pages and Blogs

Your website is your store front to the world. It’s the first impression your prospects have of you, before they get a chance to actually talk with you.

Most websites aren’t designed optimally. What does that mean? It means most websites don’t make it easy for visitors to make buying decisions. There are some website design best practices depending on the destination, whether we’re talking about an e-comerence site, a landing page or a blog.

I am always amazed at small business owners that don’t even have a payment system for their customers to use to give them money. Or large companies that have websites that are written for drones instead of real people to read.

If your website is difficult to read and navigate, your visitors will find another place to do business.

MarketGeiger is only concerned with one thing. And that’s getting you traffic that converts to sales and we can’t do that if your website is standing in the way.

We’ll help you implement the best practices so you can start making more sales, more money and more profits from your website.

Here’s a list of some basic tools;

A website with a good usability experience-

  • visitors stick around longer.

A website that allows you to capture emails-

  • this is crucial to making money online because people seldom buy on the first visit to a website.

A landing page to promote your products-

  • this is your online ad and without it you’re not even in the game.

A blog, maybe, to educate your visitors-

  • people start by searching for “information” before they decide to make a purchase.

A website that clearly states your unique position in the market place-

  • this creates space in between you and your competition in your prospects mind, it’s the reason they choose you over your competitors.

A website that is clean and not cluttered with information-

  • clean layouts help visitors make decisions.

A website that loads fast-

  • people hate to wait online for anything and they won’t wait for your page to load, they’ll just go to the next site on their list.

A website without broken links-

  • broken links will send your visitors away from your website faster than an out break of cholera will in a school cafeteria.

A website that wasn’t built by your children and isn’t outdated-

  • visitors feel comfortable if they think you’re a legitimate business and not some fly by night organization.

Here’s a note.

Your competitors can have an inferior product, but if their website is better than yours in these listed categories– they will out sale you every time.

A website that is SEO friendly-

You want free traffic and the only way to get it is to make sure your website is optimized and you have a keyword strategy in place  that will make you money.

A website with some link authority-

It’s difficult if not impossible to get on the first page long term if you don’t have links to your website.

A website that works to make sales while you sleep-

This should be a no-brainer, but you would be surprise at how many service businesses neglect to put a payment system on their websites.

Make it easy for your customers and prospects to use their credit cards.

A website with a back-end sales funnel-

If you’re not familiar with the term “sales funnel” it means you have a process to follow-up with prospects that is automatic and built to anticipate their questions and responses to get them to make a purchase from you.

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